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An electric RAM truck, ready for 2024

An electric RAM truck, ready for 2024

2024 Electric RAM Truck Front 3/4 Silhouette

Yes, it is true that Ford already has an electric pickup –the F-150 lighting- and that GMC will be delivering the electric Sierra and Silverado, probably by 2024. But that same year we will also be witnessing the arrival of the 100 % electric RAM 1500. Is it due to the pandemic, the delays in production or the shortage of electric components? Regardless of the reason, the American manufacturer promises that the all-new 2024 RAM EV will have been well-worth the wait.

An exceptional truck

Already adored and appreciated for the luxurious and refined interiors and the exceptional power and performance it offers, the RAM truck is definitely one of the most popular pickups on the market, year after year. With loads of available trim levels, powertrains, options, body colors, wheels, etc., the RAM meets and exceeds everyone’s expectations and needs without exception.

And with this newest electric version, nature lovers will be incredibly excited to combine the pleasant and the useful, able to meet their needs when it comes to towing capacity and strength, without having to worry about CO2 emissions.

A truly stunning style

The 2024 RAM EV stands out from its fuel counterparts with a remarkable style that includes a closed radiator grill, unique headlights and taillights, without forgetting a striking line that runs across the full bottom of the body all the way up to the top of the rear window, which is sloped for an extra sporty look.

Front 3/4 silhouette 2024 electric RAM truck Graphic montage.

Power, and more power

The powerful powertrain is incredibly efficient and has nothing to envy from conventional heat engines. The motors are located in the front and rear and will obviously be offering 4- wheel drive, a battery that can reach up to 200 kWh and a total electric range of up to 805 kilometers on one single charge. Estimated base price should start at $ 45,000 USD, which means around $ 62,000 CAD more or less.

Four different platforms

While striving for the fully electric movement, the Stellantis group has developed four different platforms:

  • STLA Small – with a 500 kilometer range;
  • STLA Medium – with a 700 kilometer range;
  • STLA Large – with an 800 kilometer range;
  • STLA Frame – with a 800 kilometer range;
2024 Electric RAM Truck Front 3/4 Silhouette

The latter –the STLA Frame- is the one supporting the 2024 RAM EV, and is also the platform used for sports utility vehicles and vans. Rumours are that power will reach up to 898 horsepower, which is quite impressive.

On top of these platforms, the Stellantis group is also planning on using three electric propulsion modules (EDM) combining the motor, the gearbox and a convertor. Since they are flexible and compact, these EDM will be customizable as much for front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive vehicles, as they will be for 4x4 and 4xe. Combining these platforms with EDM and high energy density batteries means that we can expect vehicles with outstanding performance when it comes to charging times, electric range and power.

Moreover, all battery modules will be specifically adapted to all categories, including small sedans, SUVs, full size trucks and sports cars. And in order to meet customers’ expectations, Stellantis is planning on using two different battery chemistries between now and 2024, including a high energy density technology and another without nickel or cobalt. And by 2026, the very first solid electrolyte battery technology will be introduced.

A new name?

If we rely on the information given by the Motortrend American website, the new electric RAM could appear under the name Revolution, a name in which we find the EV letters, of course, referring to Electric Vehicle. Nothing has yet been confirmed, although we can guess that this name has not been chosen by chance and that in this incessant war between manufacturers, Stellantis is determined to be sparking up a revolution in the electric pickup category as well.

RAM REVOLUTION title above the 2024 RAM 1500 EV.

Just a few more weeks

The electric RAM pickup –baptized the Revolution Concept- will finally be revealed this coming November, at the Auto Show in Los Angeles. You can expect loads of new pictures!

Because of the overflowing competition in the full size truck category, each one has to offer exceptional features; and there is no doubt as to how competitive the all-new electric RAM will be, including in terms of power, performance, skills, towing capacity, technologies, comfort and –of course- versatility.

Here is, at a glance, a few details on what the RAM 1500 has to offer in its fuel version, starting with the different powertrains and their respective towing capacities:

Powertrain Power Torque Maximum towing capacity
3.0 L Ecodiesel V6 260 HP 480 lb-ft. 5,697 kg/12,560 pounds
3.6 L Pentastar V6 305 HP 269 lb-ft. 3,497 kg/7,710 pounds
5.7 L HEMI V8 395 HP 410 lb-ft. 5,783 kg/12,750 pounds
6.2 L supercharged HEMI V8 702 HP 650 lb-ft. 3,674 kg/8,100 pounds
Graphic montage of the rear 3/4 silhouette of the 2024 electric RAM truck.

Although we still do not have all of the details regarding the all-new electric RAM, we are willing to bet that it will be just as well equipped as its heat engine version, and able to cater to all of your needs or expectations, whether it is for work or play.

To find out more about the electric RAM or to get more information regarding our current special offers or financing plans, come and visit us in person at your Elite Chrysler dealership in Sherbrooke. And, mostly, stay tuned for the latest news regarding the all-new 100 % electric RAM, either by visiting our website or by taking a look at the RAM Canada website.

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