Why the Jeep Wrangler is the ultimate off road vehicle.

Two off-road Jeep Wranglers facing each other on rocks in nature.

Why is the Jeep Wrangler the ultimate vehicle for off road driving? Let’s go back to its origins in the 1940s -1941 to be exact-; over the course of that year, a vehicle named Willys MB was born, which was almost identical to the Ford GPW military vehicle, with over 300,000 copies made, precisely to facilitate American soldier transportation during the Second World War.

Once the war was over, the name Willys MB transformed into Jeep CJ; CJ stood for “Civilian Jeep”, already recognized as a synonym for adventure. All this to say that the association between the Jeep Wrangler and ultimate off road driving is not a new concept; after all, the Jeep was given the name Wrangler in 1987 and, since then, has become a favorite with trail driving amateurs worldwide.

A Jeep Wrangler in action on an off-road track in a canyon.


Although specifically designed for off road amateurs, throughout the years, the Wrangler has adapted to daily life, becoming just as enjoyable to drive on the highway as it is on rough terrain. Amongst the features it offers that provide it with a net advantage over other SUVs, let’s mention:

  • The 4x4 Command-Trac part-time shift-on-the-fly system;
  • Reinforced Dana 44 axles or Tru-Lok differentials;
  • The Rock-Trac 2 speed transfer case;
  • A suspension reinforced by gas shock absorbers;
  • An ultra-resistant steel bumper;
  • Protection plates;
  • Selec-Speed control.

All of these systems and features contribute to giving the Jeep Wrangler perfect control and optimal maneuverability on all types of terrain. Moreover, thanks to the high ground clearance, the precision direction systems and wheelbase, the Wrangler offers enough power and strength to help you go where others would never dare to go, simply because they’d lack the necessary skills.

Trail Rated

When they are Trail Rated certified, these Jeep vehicles truly offer phenomenal levels of performance, in terms of:

  • Wheel travel;
  • Grip levels;
  • Maneuverability;
  • Wheelbase;
  • Fording depth.
Front 3/4 view of 2023 Jeep Wrangler parked on rocky surface.

Also the Off Road + mode, when activated, automatically detects the type of terrain on which you are driving and adjusts systems accordingly, like the accelerator, the anti-skid system and the speed changing mode.

As for the Tru-Lok front and rear electronic locking differentials, they distribute maximum torque to two wheels, which will help you maintain your forward momentum so that you can tackle steep slopes effortlessly.

Your adventurous spirit

Do you love to sleep under the stars, go where no human has ever gone before or discover the beauty of the wild? Thanks to prodigious approach and departure angles, a flexible suspension, outstanding maneuverability and the capacity to drive through water as deep as 33- inches, you can make all of your dreams come true with the Wrangler which is, without a doubt, the ultimate off road vehicle.

And even if several competitors claim to offer an off road driving experience worthy of that name, only the Jeep Wrangler can truly give you what you need, with its military genes ready to tackle –and conquer- any obstacle.