Top 10 most useful and practical accessories for your 1500 RAM

Front 3/4 view of RAM 1500 parked down a mountain.

No matter if it is for work or play, thanks to its rugged build and outstanding performance, its reliability and powerful engines, its comfortable interior and numerous technologies, the RAM 1500 pickup will allow you to tow heavy loads, your trailer or caravan, and carry all of your gear; all of this while lavishing you in complete comfort, and while you’re relaxing and communicating with your entourage.

All this to say that your RAM 1500 truck can tackle just about anything. Notwithstanding these numerous features –and because everyone is different- you will also have access to an impressive selection of accessories that will help make your RAM even more versatile than it already is. Here is our Top 10 for the most useful and practical accessories for your truck.

1 – Cab Protector Rack

Constructed from industrial grade steel, the RAM 1500 Cab Protector Rack efficiently protects the rear windshield from objects that could move around in the bed. This ultra-rugged rack does not require any tool, is easy to install and offers a unique look.

2 – Truck Bed Sliding Tool Box

Made from durable aluminum, this tool box also has a protective coating against severe weather, on top of an easy access cover, stainless steel hinges, a locking lever and seamless welding.

3 – Folding Bed Steps

Solid enough to withstand loads of up to 350 pounds (158 kg), the folding bed step features an articulating arm that lowers so that you can easily access the bed. It retracts with slight pressure, allowing it to regain its initial position when not in use.

4 – Surround View Camera System

Providing you with a 360° bird’s eye view, this camera system not only allows you to significantly reduce blind spots, but also assists when the time comes for you to hook on your trailer. It also guides you efficiently when you have to back up into tight spots.

5 – Multifunction Tailgate

With “barn” style doors with a 60/40 opening, the multifunction tailgate gives you easy and quick access to the bed, and since it converts into a regular tailgate that can withstand loads of up to 2,000 pounds (907 kg), the versatility it offers is unprecedented.

6 – RamBox Cargo Management System

An exclusivity in this category, the RamBox cargo management system is certainly one of the most popular RAM 1500 accessories. With watertight and lighted storage compartments that also lock and include a 115 volt outlet, you can keep your gear and tools safe from view and from severe weather conditions.

7 – Truck Bed Storage System

On top of the RamBox system, this one gives you even more possibilities thanks to two removable watertight and lockable drawers that can hold up to 200 pounds (90 kg), slide in and allow you to store your tools, amongst other things.

8 – Tonneau Covers

You have the choice between four tonneau covers:

  • Foldable rigid tonneau cover in black;
  • Foldable soft tonneau cover in black;
  • One piece tonneau cover in same color as body;
  • Retractable soft tonneau cover in black.

9 – Teleswivel Hitch Plate

Have an easier time installing your trailer with the Teleswivel adjustable Drop/Rise Hitch Plate with a pivoting angle that is 25 % greater than a classic hitch plate and a prolonged tow ball for your trailer.

10 – Two-Panel Panoramic Sunroof

Although very practical, the two-panel panoramic sunroof is mostly incredibly enjoyable, bathing the interior with light and letting in a nice breeze on hot summer days.

Front 3/4 view of RAM 1500 TRX Havoc Edition parked on snowy dirt.

RAM 1500 TRX Havoc Edition

Something for everyone’s taste and budget

No matter if you are looking for something practical, esthetically pleasing or for some protective gear, there are so many available accessories for the RAM 1500, without forgetting choices of wheels, packages, decals, etc. In short, if you like to customize your pickup, you won’t be disappointed, that’s for sure! Amongst other very practical accessories, we offer:

  • Protective floor mats;
  • Seat covers;
  • Mud guards;
  • Hitch packages and so much more.

On top of loads of accessories, numerous packages and special editions are offered to you, such as:

  • The Night Edition;
  • The Elite Package;
  • The Appearance Package;
  • The Tow Package;
  • The BackCountry Package.

To find out more about the accessories and packages, or to order, come and visit us at your Elite Chrysler dealership or visit the Mopa website to find the perfect part that will customize your truck the way you dream of. With so many possibilities, customizing your vehicle to match your needs is child’s play.