What’s new for electric Chrysler vehicles

Chrysler Airflow grille front 3/4 view.

If we say: Chrysler Airflow… Does that ring a bell? Actually, it was a truly superb car available back in the 1930s that was one of the first to take into account aerodynamics and by doing so, outclassing its competitors of the times. Now, the all-new Chrysler Airflow comes under the guise of a midsize SUV with a 100 % electric powertrain.

The Airflow will be made available on the Canadian market by 2025 and will be the first of a long series of electric vehicles promised to us by the manufacturer. In fact, Chrysler is planning on offering the full range of Chrysler vehicles in electric versions by 2028.

A sexy and electrifying look

With a sturdy shape, sloped roofline, sculptural lines, thin headlights and wide rear hips, a long wheelbase and 22- inch rims, this 100 % electric Chrysler Airflow SUV is simply magnificent with its sporty and aerodynamic style.

Unofficially, the Ariflow will be offering two powertrain options, including one with a single front-wheel drive engine that will most likely be standard offered and another, optional, 4- wheel drive option. Each engine will offer 201 horsepower, however, the manufacturer has not yet established combined horsepower.

Front and side 3/4 view of Chrysler Airflow driving on a road.

More kilometers than the competition

The 118 kWh battery will allow you to drive for up to 640 kilometers before charging, which is quite advantageous compared to its main competitors like the Mustang Mach-E and the 397 kilometers it offers, or the Tesla Model Y and its 525 kilometers, to name just a few.

A truly understated and sophisticated interior

The interior is just as elegant and modern as the exterior, and welcomes you into a streamlined and well-lit environment, with a magnificent futuristic and contrasting black and white arrangement. Floating seats, unique ambient lighting, a glass panoramic roof, 7- digital screens –including one for the front passenger-, a flat-base steering wheel… In short, all of the components create a user friendly and remarkably soothing atmosphere.

Let’s also mention a customizable cockpit and level 3 autonomous driving, although we still do not have any numbers regarding the interior dimensions or cargo space.

Chrysler Airflow streamlined driving position.

You won’t be surprised to find out that the Chrysler Airflow will be equipped with the latest in terms of safety technologies and this includes, amongst other things:

  • Automatic emergency braking with pedestrian and cyclist detection;
  • Lane departure warning;
  • Adaptive cruise control with semi-autonomous driving.

When we will we have the privilege of seeing the Airflow on the roads?

If we take into account the available information on the web, production for the Chrysler Airflow electric utility vehicle should begin in 2024, which means it will become available on the market as a 2025 model-year. Another bit of unofficial news is that the Chrysler 300 should be transformed into an electric car over the next few years.

We will certainly find out more as the production date slowly approaches, both in terms of dimensions and specifications, as well as trim levels and prices.

Semi-side view of the Chrysler Airflow.