Why purchase a 4×4 in Quebec?


As you may have noticed, there are more and more 4-wheel drive vehicles on the market, whether cars, SUVs or trucks. But why this enthusiasm? And why are Quebec buyers turning to this type of vehicle?

Your Elite Chrysler dealership in Sherbrooke tells you more about the different 4-wheel drive systems, their differences and why they are a wise choice in Quebec!

4x4 or AWD: same or not?

Many people confuse 4x4 (or 4WD) systems with all-wheel drive (AWD); Although these 2 systems allow the vehicle to be equipped with 4-wheel drive, they nevertheless have different components and are not quite intended for the same use.

In fact, "hardcore" 4x4 systems are mainly found on SUVs and trucks with strong off-road skills, such as models in the Jeep range or even RAM trucks . In addition to offering great off-road capabilities, a 4x4 vehicle generally has significantly greater towing capacities than an all-wheel-drive vehicle, so that it can tow heavy loads.

Finally, a 4x4 system usually has a high range and a low range system, the latter offering a very low gear to increase grip. 4x4 systems can also, in many cases, be manually engaged and disengaged, so that they can quickly switch from 4x2 to 4x4 mode.


On the side of all-wheel drive (or all-wheel drive, or AWD), this 4-wheel drive system is mainly found on cars, compact SUVs (or not) as well as on more and more high-end sports cars. or not.

An AWD system is always on and, depending on road conditions and driving style, transfers torque to the wheels that need it most. Plus, it's much better suited to daily commuting and will suit buyers who don't need a truck or SUV with off-road skills.


Is a 4x4 or AWD system useful in Quebec?

Yes, although not all motorists want to drive a 4-wheel drive vehicle, many of them having front- or rear-wheel-drive models. On the other hand, the advantages of an AWD or 4x4 system are undeniable in Quebec; here is an overview.

They provide better grip.

AWD drivers will tell you: this system makes winter driving easier by providing superior traction and handling. You have to climb a hill or change lanes on the highway when the road is snowy or icy, all-wheel drive will offer you superior stability and allow you to move more easily.

However, keep in mind that nothing replaces good winter tires!

A 4x4 system for increased towing capacity

As we mentioned earlier, trucks and SUVs equipped with a 4x4 system can tow heavier loads, and this is particularly useful if you need to tow, for example, a boat, a trailer or, during the winter season , your ice fishing hut!

These systems will not only give you the towing capacity you need to be able to tow a bit of everything, but they will also allow you to enjoy greater maneuverability.


A useful 4x4 or AWD system in winter… and in summer!

If the advantages of a 4-wheel drive vehicle are quite obvious during the winter season, they are much less so in the middle of July; and yet, a 4x4 or AWD system offers many highlights during the summer season!

Indeed, these systems will be of great use to you when you negotiate tight turns or in a situation of aquaplaning, and when you need optimal stability.

Perfect for off-road driving

This point mainly concerns 4x4 pickups, although several SUVs have great off-road skills. Do you often venture on forest or muddy roads or on steep or uneven terrain? The 4x4 system will allow you to cross them without incident.

The same goes for getting to your campsite or cabin at the top of the mountain; it will be easier to climb in a 4x4 vehicle, even if it is quite possible to achieve this with a traction or propulsion vehicle!


Strengths and weaknesses of 4x4 and AWD

Strong points

  • Increased stability, especially when the road is wet, snowy or icy
  • Greater towing capacity (4x4)
  • Better motor skills
  • Can be permanent (AWD) or temporary/manually activated (4x4)
  • Increased grip (4x4, low range)
  • Etc.

Weak points

  • Makes the vehicle heavier
  • Slightly increases gas mileage
  • Increase the price of the vehicle

Which vehicles offer 4x4/AWD systems?

At Elite Chrysler , Jeep 's full lineup offers SUVs equipped with one of the capable 4x4 systems available, giving them, in many cases, the best off-road capabilities in their respective classes. Nor should the Gladiator van be overlooked , the only vehicle in its class to have received Desert Rated certification.

On the RAM side , most truck models ( 1500 , 2500 , 3500 , etc.) offer the most powerful and robust 4x4 drive, which will allow you to tow heavy loads, among other things.

At Dodge , the Durango SUV , as well as the powerful Dodge Charger and Challenger (the latter being the only model in its class to offer all-wheel drive) offer such systems.

Finally, the Pacifica minivan and Chrysler's luxurious 300 sedan can also be equipped with all-wheel drive on certain models.

In summary

Is a 4 wheel drive system a must in Quebec? Absolutely. Is it mandatory? Absolutely not. It's all a matter of taste, driving habits and needs.

However, anyone who has tried a 4x4 or AWD system in winter conditions will see a real difference in vehicle handling and traction; hard to go back!

To learn more about our models equipped with 4x4 and AWD systems, come meet our advisors now at Elite Chrysler in Sherbrooke!